Women’s Study(room) is sited on the “Cottage” second floor (2020), originally part of the Jane Borrowe Colt Estate (1891-1947). As was the Carriage/Gatehouse on adjoining lands also owned by Artist/Couple Hope Sandrow and Ulf Skogsbergh (1976).

The “Cottage” was the summer studio/home (Note1) of American artist Madeline Goodfriend Schonberger. And her two daughters who sold the family property (November 2019), including a few of their Mother’s sculptures and paintings, her tools, typewriter and furniture for display by Sandrow.  Madeline’s trompe-l’oeil work cabinet will house materials relating to longstanding issues central to Sandrow’s practice (Note 2). Documentation, placed over the pages of trompe-l’oeil hard cover books that Sandrow assembled (pictured left, Love Tales American 1891), will relate to Borrowe Colt, Goodfriend Schonberger and (list in formation) women artists and arts professionals. Included is the collaborative project Sandrow founded, directed  (NYC) Artist and Homeless Collaborative (1990 -1996). Also projects from last century, The Other Side of the Rainbow with colleague/friend Robin Tewes (1992); SECCA Artist in the Community Fragments Self History (1995); Creative Time’s Art at the Anchorage Material Matters (1995). This century: (Re)collecting an American’s Dream (2006); Platform: Genius Loci Parrish Art Museum; Sketches of Local History (2015); Town of Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (2017).

Subjects still timely, matters unresolved, the focus of installations inside and out(doors). 

Note1: 1948 until her death in 1993

Note 2: equal rights and gender discrimination , #metoo movement , violence against women, climate change and environmental sustainability, social and cultural history