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Genius Loci Observational Findings

open air studio Shinnecock Hills spacetime

23.75 " W x 69" L x 35" H Oak, Mirrors; Two Stereoscopes (left) photograph of William Merritt Chase with students (1900, Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art) by Albert Chittenden collection Hope Sandrow recreated as a stereoscope by Sandrow and Skogsbergh, 2012; (right) mirror (2020)

Colonial Curio Cabinet owned by Samuel L. Parrish installed at (1897) Art Museum at Southampton gifted (2012) by Southampton Historical Museum to Sandrow, where she exhibited (re)collecting an American’s Dream, for Platform Genius Loci: Observational Findings

Updates: (2020) Observational Findings placeholder: untitled (Hope) open air studio Shinnecock Hills;  (2021) Observational Findings placeholder: untitled (Reflective) pen air studio Shinnecock Hills

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