New Series Offers Three-Month Residencies to Artists

For Development of Site-Specific Projects

WATER MILL, NY 10/25/2012 —  Conceptual Artist Hope Sandrow inaugurates the Parrish Art Museum’s Platform program, an experimental series of artist-driven projects, with Genius Loci (the prevailing spirit of place). Comprised of multidisciplinary components, from performances and temporary installations to participatory events and screenings, Genius Loci will inhabit the Museum from Sunday, November 4 through January 2013. Also on view amongst the Museum’s new acquisitions, are two of Sandrow’s photographs.

Note: extended thru March 2013

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Memories, Untitled XXVI (skinned) in the trilogy Memories Spaces Time 1995

Silver Print Fragment Observational Findings Genius Loci

(originally) installation Nature Monochrome IX: Reconstruction in the exhibit Material Matters

Art at the Anchorage commissioned by Creative Time Anne Pasternak