Caterina Verde  as Marie Antoinette          

    Pascha Radetzki  as Native

      Enigma of a Litmus Test - coop d’etat


“A chair is a place to sit. It doesn’t take you anywhere.”


The chair is the thought. The chair is a place to sit; it’s not taking you anywhere and yet implies a resting place. However, the resting place becomes a confinement if you cannot or do not get out, inertia may set in; chair potato type of behavior encourages a belief that the chair is actually supportive.                                                                                Caterina Verde, 2010

Enigma of a Litmus Test :

Coop d’Etat

Amid Hope Sandrow's plein air studio lies a bucolic universe of a cultural hierarchy, a setting for interaction between people and the natural world. References to prehistory proliferate not only through the flock of Padua chickens living freely there but also amidst the plantings in this realm.


Language -- our senses -- a flourish of surface titillation -- threaten to take us to the depths of our psyche and spin us around -- embellishing and fluffing the chantilly on top while noting the fundamental dark matter below. Fluff versus Stuff. The thought and the chair. In this performance, the much confused and overused iconography of a certain queen is exemplified in “decorative language” versus the implied notions of the Native. Hence, the enigma of a cultural litmus test. motion - words - video. This is a collaborative work of Strange Positioning Systems: Caterina Verde with Pasha Radetzki (action, words and video) inspired as well by Hope Sandrow’s work and environment.

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