HAPPENING LIVE  (online since June 2007)  
A dozen site specific installations, framed by a dozen Panasonic Surveillance cameras placed within open air studio: streaming live to compose a freely accessed public work of art online. *

A study of the impact of climate change on this micro environment, within the macrocosm Earth. Contextualizing issues of privacy within this unfiltered live stream (transmission interruptions due to weather conditions, cable service) to the “world wide web”. 

Blurring the line between art and life, beyond the walls of a traditional gallery in which interaction with works of art are observed anonymously during moments of daily life. From performing chores to making art  to looking up at the sky foretelling climatic conditions and predators. The wildlife habitat plantings provide camouflage from Hawks and Owls, as do Steel Spirals reflecting light; and monofilament fishing line in Lore/Lure from which hang reflective fish lures depicting fish killed during
Superstorm Sandy from the impact of a falling oak tree propelled them into the air to their deaths. http://www.hopesandrow.com/live/happeninglive/all.htmlhttp://www.hopesandrow.com/live/happeninglive/all.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

copyright2013Hope Sandrow

Documenting life, studying death, is one facet of this multi media project possible with support of Agnes Gund; Dorothy Lichtenstein, Lowery Stokes Sims. My collaborator in life Ulf Skogsbergh, family Pearl Zucker Liebman, Ruth Liebman Sandrow, George Tetzel, William Zucker. With appreciation for the wellbeing of the flock to Francesco Losaro; Peter Brown.

Panasonic Surveillance Cameras donated by Panasonic North America: with thanks to Gina Meyer, Bob Kramer, Kortni Lane, Michelle OGrady, Elysha Padilla, Aaron Saks. 

Camera Live Feeds programmed (below) and powered by Robert Reinhardt video rx

View LIVE NOW http://www.hopesandrow.com/live/happeninglive/all.htmlhttp://www.hopesandrow.com/live/happeninglive/all.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

Click each Camera view (right) to read about what you will see; on the VIEW LIVE page click to observe a single live stream (runtime 12 minutes)


how: automatically streams. click “live audio” feed; click a camera view for single live stream (runtime 12 minutes)

how: click to activate “live audio” runtime dozen minutes

copyright2014Hope Sandrow

  1. *Happening Live is the second freely accessed public artwork posted online: the first (2000) TIME(space) online commissioned by The Nature Conservancy for the exhibit project curated by Andy Grundberg

   In Response to Place

Ongoing since February 2018: jpegs refresh during upgrade to the dozen hi res video and audio stream in progress that results in sometimes intermittent streams, until further notice...

(note: Quicktime videos compatible with Safari)