HAPPENING LIVE  (online since June 2007)  
 A dozen site specific installations framed by a dozen Panasonic Surveillance cameras placed within open air studio Shinnecock Hills stream a dozen live feeds online 24/7. Beyond the walls of a traditional gallery setting blurring the line between art and daily life.  

A dynamic work of art characterized by change, activity and climatic conditions within this micro environment;  the macrocosm Earth. Contextualizing issues of privacy in this unfiltered live stream viewed freely, anonymously on the “world wide web”.  Inspired by a spider observed on a Sol LeWitt wall drawing at Dia Beacon, “Lore/Lure” hovers in the airspace, suspended between sky and land. Composed of highly reflective monofilament selected for its embodiment of "String theory”: the multiple prisms of bright light and flashes give pause to predators (Hawks, Herons, Eagles, Fox, Osprey, Owls, Possums, Raccoons). In concert with hundreds of steel spirals, reflecting balls and fish lures placed strategically amongst the habitat created for Shinnecock Family Flock, native songbirds, squirrels, frogs and fish. 


copyright2013Hope Sandrow

Panasonic Surveillance Cameras donated by Panasonic North America: with thanks to Gina Meyer, Bob Kramer, Kortni Lane, Michelle O’Grady, Elysha Padilla, Aaron Saks. 

Still camera live feeds programmed (below) by Robert Reinhardt video rx

View LIVE NOW http://www.hopesandrow.com/live/happeninglive/all.htmlhttp://www.hopesandrow.com/live/happeninglive/all.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

Click each Camera frame (right) pictured to read about what you will view.


Note: Happening Live is Sandrow’’s second freely accessed web-based public artwork: the first (2000) TIME(space) online commissioned by The Nature Conservancy for the exhibit/project curated by Andy Grundberg  In Response to Place

Please note:

transmission interruptions due to weather conditions; rate of streams differ for each viewers device and services