TIME (space) online: a site specific art work created in Komodo National Park, and the islands of Flores and Bali,Indonesia while in transit. Bridging the space of a cultural divide between nations, across a world separated into time zones as well as time frames.The digital still and video images were produced on a PowerBook computer. Generators provided the power that enabled internet transmission from remote villages and islands otherwise untouched by technology or industry. The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipeligo in the world, comprised of 13,677 islands bound together by the sea..

The life-world of the Indonesian comprises the land and the sea.A landscape not shaped by human hand -
but by the primordial forces of wind, fire, water and sun. Flux is inherent to all within the cosmos, a
sacred time-space continuum. Existence is relative to the cyclical nature of the universe, balancing in the
harmonious equilibrium between people and nature.

Boundaries are not drawn between the forces of good and evil: one flows into the other as symbolized by
life giving water. Good flowing downstream from the mountains, evil emanating upstream from the direction
of the ocean. Food and water gathering intertwine with animistic rituals and dances, seeking to penetrate the invisible world of the supernatural.Villagers struggle day to day growing rice and fishing in hand carved sailboats in treacherous swirling spiral whirlpools.

In stark contrast to the barren landscape where Dragons still roam, life flourishes amidst the wonderland of coral reefs. Over 1000 species of vibrantly hued fish live amidst 250 distinctive corals in a harmony now threatened by humankind. Flying fish, Dolphins and Manta Ray leap in the air. Phosphorescent Giant clams measuring as much as a yard across lay embedded in coral beds along pink coral beaches framing the deep blue-green hued sea.

Komodo National Park, preserve of the Komodo Dragon, is administered through programs of The Nature Conservancy in partnership with the Indonesian government.

This art work is part of a commissioned project curated by Andy Grundberg for The Nature Conservancy, in honor of their 50th Anniversary. To be included in the exhibition In Response To Place ,the national tour opens at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., on September 10, 2001.

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