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open air studio spacetime

open air studio spacetime founded (2007) and directed by conceptual artist Hope Sandrow whose multidisciplinary art practice is a ‘way’ of life; real engagements with the world to inform and direct her artistic vision. Realized with the continuing support of Agnes Gund. And Sandrow’s collaborator in life Ulf Skogsbergh; inspired by grandparents Pearl and Morris Liebman, granduncle William Zucker. This ongoing project also made possible by Dorothy Lichtenstein, Lowery Stokes Sims and Elizabeth Kirrane (Museum of Arts and Design), George Tetzel, Virginia Shore and Claire D’Alba (Art in Embassies), Andrea Grover (Parrish Art Museum), Tom Edmonds (Southampton History Museum), Drew and Susan S. Fine. With appreciation to Francisco Losaro.

An artist project fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts: tax-deductible donations can also support this ongoing project.