“Sometimes when you’re looking for one thing, you find something completely different and unexpected”.                                                                                   Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics




engaged in the act

subjects, still timely remaining unresolved..

What’s in a name?

William Shakespeare, quote from Romeo and Juliet 1597

placeholder untitled (Hope),

Hope Sandrow proposes a reconsideration of our relationship to nature and the natural world; in our community and country. Posing the question (beginning November 3 2020) to viewers, what are your hopes?

placeholder untitled (Hope)

The Sky is Falling Too Observational Findings  May 2020 ongoing

open air studio Shinnecock Hills spacetime

23.75 " W x 69" L x 35" H Oak, Mirrors; Two Stereoscopes (left) photograph of William Merritt Chase with students (1900, Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art) by Albert Chittenden recreated as a stereoscope by Sandrow and Skogsbergh, 2012; (right) mirror (2020)

Colonial Curio Cabinet owned by Samuel L. Parrish installed at (1897) Art Museum at Southampton

gifted (2012) by Southampton Historical Museum to Sandrow, where she exhibited (re)collecting an American’s Dream, for her Platform Genius Loci: Observational Findings