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New Series Offers Three-Month Residencies to Artists

For Development of Site-Specific Projects

WATER MILL, NY 10/25/2012 —  Conceptual Artist Hope Sandrow inaugurates the Parrish Art Museum’s Platform program, an experimental series of artist-driven projects, with Genius Loci (the prevailing spirit of place). Comprised of multidisciplinary components, from performances and temporary installations to participatory events and screenings, Genius Loci will inhabit the Museum from Sunday, November 4 through January 2013. Also on view amongst the Museum’s new acquisitions, are two of Sandrow’s photographs.

Note: extended thru March 2013

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Current information posted on the new Parrish Museum Website

For a schedule of Genius Loci performances and events

Special thanks and appreciation

to Parrish Museum Curator of Special Projects Andrea Grover, creator of Platform, who invited Sandrow to create, realize her inaugural project

To Parrish Museum Director Terrie Sultan; Senior Curator Alicia Longwell

and supporters of the Parrish Art Museum who made Genius Loci possible.

To Collaborators and participants:

Southampton Historical Museum Director Tom Edmonds for gifting Samuel L. Parrish Curio Cabinet; Researchers Laurie Collins and Mary Cummings

Montauk Observatory astronomers Sean Tvelia and Dr. Mike Inglis and Susan Harder for generously sharing telescopes, conversation and expertise to realize my idea, conceptual context for (Sky)gaze.

Elke Luyten and Kira Alker for their original collaborative performance Floored to realize my idea, conceptual context of the new and former Parrish Museum sites.

Lorraine Reeve and Dorothy Lichtenstein for their friendship, loaning Family Archives included in Observational Findings in memory of Brad Reeve and Roy Lichtenstein. George Tetzel for his gift of Chittenden’s photo album. Elizabeth Bess Haile.

Ulf Skogsbergh and Carlos Lama collaboration with me in realizing Clairaudience: Sounds of History.

Jane Iselin for her friendship and sorting feathers (see jars right).

Sur Rodney (Sur) reprising our collaborative performance On the Road: Free Advice; his friendship and support (since 1982).

Agnes Gund, who’s friendship and support makes possible open air studio spacetime; her life and work inspiring change and optimism for the future of our world.

My collaborator in life and often art: Ulf Skogsbergh for almost always saying yes.

To Shinnecock for following me home.

copyright © 2021 Hope Sandrow all rights reserved


photo by Andrea Grover copyright 2012