Above, left: Bradford with Lorraine, Hayground, Bridgehampton 1983                                                             above, right: Bradford with grandson Paul, Jr. son of Paul and Katie Reeve. 2012.

Below, left: Bradford with son Paul who now runs the farm with his wife Katie. circa 1990’s.                          below, right: Bradfords father George circa 1960’s.

Genius Loci: Observational Findings

detail, on glass shelf

A memorial to farmer Bradford Reeve, who shared Sandrow’s care for her Shinnecock Family Flock Roosters: he passed from life this past February, shown in pictures with his wife Lorraine at their farms Bayview (Aquabogue) and Hayground (Bridgehampton) alongside a photograph of his grandfather. The Reeves are one of a handful of families who have farmed during the last two hundred years. The rusted saw blade was found amongst things in Bradford’s workshop. The family photographs shown below are one under the other in the case courtesy of Lorraine Reeve, Paul Reeve Jr. and Katie Reeve.

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