In placeholder untitled (Hope), Hope proposes a reconsideration of our relationship to nature and the natural world, to one another; in our community and country. Posing the question (beginning November 3 2020) to viewers what are your hopes?  And again (December 21), during the winter solstice: a day with the shortest period of daylight, and longest night of the year. The point in space and time that our Earth's North Pole is tilted furthest away from the sun.

And for this first celestial event in 400 years, when our solar system’s two largest planets - Jupiter and Saturn - will be closest together in the evening sky. In the distant past, such alignments of the planets were seen as portents of things to come.

(see my photograph Untitled Observations May 15 commencing 1:30am Self Portrait spacetime Conjunction of Five Planets)

To consider if the interconnection and response - to the coronavirus 19 pandemic (WHO March 11) in conjunction with climate change and remarkable protests for gender and racial justice …. at the conclusion of the Federal Election for President and Congress, and State Legislatures - will lead somewhere new, that we don’t know what it looks like or a return to the past, hindering change.

Note 1: individual choice of acknowledgement: by name or anonymous

Note 2: View my photograph Untitled Observations May 15 commencing 1:30am Self Portrait spacetime Conjunction of Five Planets. The following March 2006: my Chance Encounter in the woods with the white Padovana Cockeral Shinnecock.

What’s in a name?

William Shakespeare, quote from Romeo and Juliet 1597

My hopes include creating a broader space for increased creativity, imagination, and art--to use the arts, in fact, to help us to create and reimagine a more hopeful, inclusive, and decolonial future.

Ellen C. Caldwell

I hope the realization, the mind-picturing, of everything we are seeing becomes more complex, multiple, and fluid.  I hope that flat rectangles become archaic. 

Paul Smith

I hope you and your loved ones are well.

All best,

Carol Martin


beyond hope

hope against hope

planting in expectation

who against hope believed in hope

beyond the flood's horizon

Dan Taulapapa McMullin

My hope is that everyone treats one other , even the stranger you may randomly encounter as nicely as you would your own family. How difficult would it be to say ,”good morning “,  “have a good day “in passing .We are the family of man after all &  it’s lovely to share graciousness. Let’s change the atmosphere first starting with the bare minimum.


The attached article summarizes my thoughts


Tonight, November 3rd, my hope is first and foremost "BIG BLUE WAVE!"

Amara Geffen

For something completely different.

Rebecca Klassen

This is fun. I hope for better days. I hope to one day meet my sweet grandchild and that they will know love and truth and treat others with respect, especially the planet.

Carlotta Ramos

My hopes are for a return to civility, compassion, and openness to the lives and voices of others. We need to recover our moral base.

Nancy Doll

My family and I have been fortunate enough to have been healthy and have been able to enjoy the new normal life.

I hope for unity for everyone to be respectful and kind to one another to share this planet with love. 


Yuka Silvera

I came across a quote by Robert Schuller, a televangelist,some time ago that struck a chord with me.

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.

I am the least religious person you would know but there it is.

Tom Edmonds

my hope is that people will start to wake up to the present moment, and become more present in their actions.

Kate Eberstadt

I hope that justice will prevail and our rights remain secure.


I hope that someday we all learn to say "we", "us", and "our" instead of "me", "my" and "mine" so that all of our thoughts, decisions, choices and actions selflessly reflect what is the best for everyone.

Linda Jackson

Sur Rodney (Sur) hopes for



Hope we can win this thing!!


I hope I can hold on to the gratitude I feel today, Wednesday, November 4th, despite sitting on the edge of uncertainty.

I am so grateful for my wonderful friends from across the globe who reached out to me last night and today, who watched

overnight so I could get some rest, who called, texted, and emailed to make sure I was okay.

Jane Seville

... But I am afraid I do not have much “hope.”

Phyllis Rosenzweig

It's 9am November 4th. Many votes are still to be counted.

Trump declared himself a winner since 3am, despite facts showing otherwise so far.  What's new? He's a compulsive liar.

On the other hand, it looks like we are stuck with Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham again which, together with the usual senate hypocrites, and the packed right-wing religious doctrinare Supreme Court, provides the right-wing a continued position to obstruct virtually anything Biden may try to do, even if he wins. Those creeps can continue unraveling everything Obama ever did, and reverse any and all social progress that had been hard fought over decades past. Truly a winner takes all form of social justice.

It is clear that about half of this country has no understanding how dangerous a condition we are in. Rather than call them all stupid and uninformed, I think we must realize how self-serving many of them are, to the extent that they care only for a few narrow issues that profit only themselves in the short term.

We now have a shredded democracy, the sustainability of which is honestly in question.

Can we save ourselves from ourselves?

Anthony Coron

Great to hear from you.

I regret I don’t have a response for you because the concept of hope

has lost resonance for me. I want action.

Best of luck with the project and stay safe.


I'm trying to see the half full glass.. all is not lost, Biden likely will win the popular vote and the electoral college... yet the empty half is there, too: that it should not be this close, that people willingly are sendign back horror stories like McConnell, Graham, et al back to the Senate, that Trump will continue trying to prevent Biden from become president...

I don't know what else to say right now, but will think about my hopes.

Andrea Wolper

My hope is that Biden will win.


I prayed last night that Biden Harris won for the sake of the world. 

Here are my hopes:

1. Stop the killing and the incarceration of Black people

2. Expand ERA to include LGBTQ, pass and make law

3. Create a Green Economy, become leaders ending Global Warming and Sea Rise

4. Universal healthcare and education, a guaranteed wage

5. Protect, honor and learn from indigenous people. 

6. Repurpose the US/MEX border wall to create affordable housing and hospitals for border communities

7. Eliminate the Electoral College and add more seats to the Supreme Court

8. Peace, cultivate and support peaceful behaviors, movements and change 

Eric Dever

Thank you for asking.  My hopes are simple.  I hope for a world where my grandchildren (and everybody else’s) are safe.

Nahma Sandrow

Such a wonderful question, with vast potential for meaningful and important answers!

Here are some of my hopes, albeit unrealistic as they may be:

That all those people whose loyalty to King Donald has been unshakeable will come to the realization that they are worshipping a false prophet who is a liar, cheater, racist and egomaniac. 

That all those individuals who are deep into conspiracy theories will find new purpose and meaning in life and begin to dwell in reality

That all those who are made to feel inferior, who are oppressed, marginalized, hated or belittled will regain a sense of worth, pride and self-dignity

That all those who feel superior to the people referenced above will have the tact and wisdom to remain silent about their brilliance, recognizing the value of humility, grace, and the ability to listen and to always be open to change. 

Warm wishes,

Hal Bromm

My hopes for the perfect world of the future.....

1.  Ones mere existence should afford that person an equal standing in this world.  Yet upon birth, one can be either marginalized or entitled.  My hope is that there is universal minimum afforded to all humans , (i.e. health, education, housing).

2.  The world must collectively recognize that our environment is finite and collectively protect us from its certain premature end. 

3.  Wars must be disallowed through a collective agreement of all nations

4.  Promoting the arts is core to our humanity, otherwise societies become too homogenous in the pursuit of limited endeavors, i.e. materialistic endeavors.  Many countries deem the arts as core to their identity.  I am hopeful that the US will do the same.

My hopes at the local level..

1.  Eat less meat

2.  Ride a bike to run an errand

3.  Reach out to a person that is not of your group or social class or liking

4,  Reinforce the notion that value is not all wealth (regale the volunteer, the artist, the environmentalist, the different voice...)

Kimberly Allan

Living in an urban highrise, we were not sure if we'd be able to see the rise of Saturn and Jupiter but yes, we did! Though only two small specks in the sky, it was nonetheless a connection to people all over the world, doing exactly the same thing, in a time when we see almost no one. And now, finally, the days are getting longer again, and almost every morning we see a beautiful sunrise. There is hope.

Jane Seville

"I try to veer away from embracing the idea, the traps, encased so securely in the notion of hope. So I try to pay searing attention to the present tense moment. Hope is a 'future' thing and I would be careless to not be where I am in this Particular split second."

Elizabeth Streb

(I love you Hope)!!!

Covid is terrible. I have been totally depressed but earlier I found the lighter side.

This is amateur video but 1st I ever made.

Stay well, safe, and peaceful.

Stephanie Bernheim

i hope for us humans to be more in touch with nature as this solstice marks a big moment of cosmic energy shifting.

Kate Eberstadt

On that day in my travels You popped into my head and I wanted to stop and write to you but the idea got

away from me and then you wrote. Yay!

When I heard about this galactic event, my first thought was, conjunction junction, what’s your function?!

which made me like the idea of it even more. They say the two planets will only appear to be touching. That built-in safety feature is also a bonus. Seems like a feel-good event and heaven knows we can all use as many of those as we can get these days.

This is a big subject: thoughts, projections and evolutions of your life and work, likely reflected in your hopes?

Thanks for asking. I don’t know when I’ll ever finish this email, so I’m sending it anyway.

Carlotta Ramos

.... more to come!

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“Hope” is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words -And never stops - at all -                                                                                                              

Emily Dickinson, published 1891