(work-in-progress ) Observational Findings: Two Views The Sky is Falling (too)

(above) detail of Samuel L. Parrish colonial styled Curio Cabinet

23.75 " W x 69" L x 35" H Oak, Mirrors; Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art) by Albert Chittenden

collection Hope Sandrow recreated as a stereoscope by Sandrow and Skogsbergh, 2012; (right) mirror (2020)

copyright © 2021 Hope Sandrow all rights reserved


(above) Stereoscopes will be dusted off, lens refitted for views of unfolding events still to come. Some say life will never be the same: reason for celebration by many, cause for fear by others.

The context is Samuel L. Parrish’s colonial styled curio cabinet onsite open air studio Shinnecock Hills located within the Shinnecock Indian Contact period Village Fort Critical Environment Area (October 30 1988).