Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (SHACC) established by unanimous vote (April 25, 2017) by Southampton Town Board. 

a study in the series open air studio spacetime: dialogue my medium to create the cultural landscape “we" want to live in; realize the conceptual context of a “public art work”.

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Town Board Resolution 2017-425

Category: Committees & Advisory Boards 

Sponsors: Supervisor Jay Schneiderman 

Department: Supervisor 

Establish Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (SHACC) and Appoint Committee Members

WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Southampton recognizes the important presence the Arts have in our community now as in the past with the capacity for enriching the lives of local residents and visitors; and

WHEREAS, there are a number of artists, writers, educators, and arts professionals affiliated with cultural organizations who live or work within the Town of Southampton. Such individuals could assist the Town in efforts to improve local access to artistic and cultural resources for all members of the community; and

WHEREAS, under Chapter 12 of the Town Code of the Town of Southampton, the Town Board may create, by resolution of a majority vote, various advisory committees not otherwise authorized or governed by other laws of the State of New York; and now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby establishes the Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (SHACC), which shall be governed by the following rules, as well as any applicable state and local laws:

Town of Southampton Arts and Culture Committee Rules of Operation

A. Committee Established

The name of the committee shall be the Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (hereafter “the committee”).

B.  Purpose and Need of the Committee

1. The purpose of the committee shall be to advise officials of the Townof Southampton in matters related to promoting greater exposure to and participation in the arts for Town residents.

2. Committee members shall be those with a professional background in all formsof art, including the visual, literary, performing, multi-disciplinary, education and culinary arts, as well as art history and architecture. The members shall assemble solely to serve the interests of the Town through creative collaboration.

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Southampton Town Board - Agenda Regular Town Board Meeting of April 25, 2017

3. The committee may assist with identifying contributions to the Town’s cultural and artistic legacy, from the time of the region’s earliest inhabitants to the present.

4. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 12 of the Town Code of the Town of Southampton (Advisory Committees), the actions and decisions of the committee shall be of an advisory nature only.

C.  Membership and Terms of Office

1. The members of the committee shall be appointed by the Town Board.

2. The term of the members shall be for one (1) year.

3. The size of the committee shall be determined by the number of members appointed by the Town Board and who have not resigned, been removed by Town Board resolution, or otherwise left the committee during the current calendar year.

D.  Officers

1. The committee shall have a chairperson appointed by the Town Board, and who shall serve for one (1) year.

2. It shall be the duty of the chairperson to preside over all meetings and to act as the formal liaison between the committee and the Town Board.

3. The chairperson, or a committee member designated by the chairperson to serve as secretary, shall be responsible for sending meeting notices, keeping committee correspondence, and generating meeting minutes.

E.  Meetings

1. Committee meetings shall be convened by the chairperson,or by a majority of the membership, with at least three (3) days written notice.

2. The agenda for each meeting shall be set by the chairperson.Any member, upon five (5) days notice, may have an item included on the agenda.

3. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all meetings, except where superseded by law or these rules.

4. A majority of the total membership of the committee, as appointed by the Town Board, shall constitute a quorum and be present for votes to make a recommendation, take a position, or otherwise conduct official business.

5. All meetings shall be subject to the requirements of the New York State Open Meetings Law.

6. For each meeting, minutes shall include the date and time of the meeting, members present, correspondence received since the prior meeting, and a record of votes or actions taken. Minutes shall be submitted via email to committee members, the Town Supervisor, Town Council Liaison, and Town Clerk within one week of the subsequent committee meeting; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Town Board appoints to the Cultural Arts Advisory Committee the following individuals to serve until December 31, 2017:

Hope Sandrow, Chair

Geoffrey Drummond 

April Gornik

Dorothy Lichtenstein 

Minerva Perez

Elka Rifkin 

Brenda Simmons 

Terrie Sultan 

Shane Weeks



Town Council Liaison

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