Observational Findings: Under Glass for purpose of Study

Untitled I Open Air Studio spacetime

Digital Color Photographs November 2015 Size Variable

(l to r) “Slit Gong (Atingting Kon), mid– to late 1960s Commissioned by Tain Mal, carved by Tin Mweleun (active 1960s)

Vanuatu, Ambrym Island, Fanla Village Wood-Musical Instruments, paint; H. 175 1/4 x W. 28 x D. 23 1/2 in.  Metropolitan Museum of Art (http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/309995);

Padua Embryo (Shinnecock Family Flock) H. 1 11/16” x W. 5/8” in ethyl alcohol; glass jar

Thirty-seven glass jars contain embryos, including one photographed above, for future study.