(Re)collecting An American’s Dream (READ) explores conflicting issues of preservation and development in the mediums of stills, video, mixed media and social practice (2006 - 2008). The subject is the historic 13 acre estate Gissa-Bu (circa 1930) where Sandrow followed the cockeral Shinnecock (March 30 2006) across the road days after the lands were clear cut of trees. Two exhibits, “Godt Tegn” PS1/MOMA and Southampton Historical Museum (at The Rogers Mansion formerly Samuel L. Parrish home at the time he owned the 13 acres) were mounted to engage the community in the ultimately successful preservation effort.

Illustrating that the world is full of chance (or are they?) happenings:

May 18 commencing 3:34AM 2006  Gissa Bu 144” x 44” Pigment Print  on Cotton Rag

godt tegn PS1/MOMA National Projects curated by Alanna Heiss