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June 18, 2007 Video footage of Padua Gold Lace Hen Cleo with newly born female chicks Katia, Rut, Sarandipity; male Galileo, Agenor, Alain

June 10, 2007:

“Having been told by Experts that my Padua hens Cleo and Chloe were of a non setting breed: I was surprised to see Cleo doing just that. Approaching the 21 days chicks were expected to emerge from the egg’s shell, I’m creating this public art work Happening Live Now, utilizing a surveillance camera to transmit live images of Cleo setting on her eggs, for you, experts and others to observe along with me what happens next:

Join us (via surveillance camera) LIVE

in Cleo's Southampton (New York) nest as she sets on 11 eggs at:

Although experts and breeders cite numerous documentation that Paduans or Polish are non setting chickens, nonetheless, on May 28, Cleo followed her natural instinct to set on 11 eggs she and Cleo laid. Just as the literature describes, she sets herself in a trance while incubating her eggs for 21 days (what you will be watching on the surveillance camera). Play the part of "observer" in an artwork that aims to alter misconceptions of chickens by showing how those chickens that live"freely" can be freed of the bonds of commercial farm production that are a major contributor to global warming and fuel crisis.

Happening in real time, watch eggs mature, chicks hatch (approximately June 18th, 2007) and go off into the world with their "Mother" hen Cleo.

“Expert’ Padua aka Polish breeders (Expert names redacted, noted by
) responded to my invitation posted on their eForum club site, Polish Breeders Club. The first:

June 10, 2007

Play the part of "observer" in an artwork that aims to alter misconceptions of chickens by showing how those chickens that live "freely" can be freed of the bonds of commercial farm production.

This is hogwash.  If it were not for the commercial poultry farms many people could not afford protein in  their diets.  THIS IS NOT AN Animal Rights Site.


The following pages display portraits of Hens with their chicks (linking Mother Hens)  where you can also read more expert opinion (in blue) over 20 days on the Breeder’s Forum during which time the eggs Cleo was setting on, hatched. Including this experts “p.s.” below:

June 22, 2007

p.s.The "happening live now:Cleo setting on 11 eggs" will be deleted soon so if you haven't read it, do it soon. Let's all not add to it and let the flames die down.....