October 1 3:39 PM Lillith with Amurrah

Sept 17  7:01am  Fr_ida with chicklets Dayna, Darla, Malcah; cocks Adri, Basma, Dee, Hendricks, Genie, Johann, Sylvie born June 30

The Sky is Falling, spacetime Open Air Studio Shinnecock Hills spacetime 2009

Albumen Prints  20” x 16” Unique

Collection of Agnes Gund

The seventeen (two pictured) portraits of Shinnecock and his flock compose the project “The Sky is Falling” commissioned (2009) by Agnes Gund produced in the historic photographic medium of Albumen prints (1860-1899). As a conceptual context reflecting the importance of chickens to human and technological development. View more from this series of portraits...

The process involves coating a sheet of paper with albumen (egg white), followed by a solution of silver nitrate that form light-sensitive silver salts on the paper. When a glass negative is placed directly on the paper and exposed to light, it forms an image on paper.