“Railroads had been in existence for only nine years when the Long Island Rail Road was chartered on April 24, 1834....There is no doubt that the development of Long Island is directly linked to the growth of its railroad.”

MTA Long Island Railroad

Brooklyn Daily Eagle  Jan  29 1842

a daily newspaper published from 1841 to 1955

Note 2:

Partition and Sale of the Hills 1859 -1861 by David Goddard

The primary focus is Shinnecock Hills where open air studio is sited (Note 1): a social and cultural perspective displayed chronologically in historical maps and newspaper clippings. Beginning at the transition from stage coach transportation for LIRR passengers traveling east from “Suffolk Station” as the Railroads service to the east end was realized over lands following seizure (1859) from Shinnecock Indian Nation by the Town of Southampton (Note 2). Through the years when the Hills sold privately, including by LIRR subsidiary Shinnecock Land Company President Samuel L. Parrish to himself and his brother James Parrish,  LIRR president Austin Corbin, the Colt Family - amongst others. The residency of plein air painter William Merritt Chase (1891 - 1902) and his Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art (established June 15 1891) subsequent relationship to gentrification. When the first automobile reported, the first roads.

To the passage of the Women’s Right to Vote (1920) by US Congress. A timeframe parallel to Sandrow’s great great grandparents and their children confined to shtetl’s to when many family escaped Russia, leaving all possessions behind to start a new life within the confines of antisemitism in Philadelphia, Penn. (Sandrow’s mother’s father Morris) Her grandfather (Note 4), his parents and siblings immigration memorialized in the words of his first cousin Eliza Greenblatt.

Note 1: Southampton (Long Island) New York

Note 2: r, excerpt from “Partition and Sale of the Hills 1859 -1861” by David Goddard

Note 3: Sandrow’s family members resettled in immigrant enclaves (Note 4) within the city of Philadelphia - where Samuel L. Parrish was born, lived with his family till move to New York.

Note 4: Morris amongst the first Jewish students at University of Pennsylvania; the first in his family to graduate college. After marriage to Pearl (1924), they lived in Parkside Camden New Jersey until the 1950‘s as desegregation legislation enacted, enforced - which also impacted Sandrow’s early life.

Colonizing Southampton

State University of New York Press,  July 2, 2019

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detail, David H. Burr Suffolk County Map 1841

detail, Chace Douglas Smith 1858 Map of Suffolk County

detail, Colton’s Map of Long Island 1863

detail, W.W.Mather Long Island Map 1842